Number #1 Augmented Reality Books For Children Age 3

Have you ever wanted to read a book with your toddler but can’t find one that fascinates them? Augmented reality books for toddlers deal with this problem.

The story comes to life on the book’s pages with voice narration and sound effects with our augmented reality book app.

But let’s first discuss “what is an augmented reality book,” or some may call them (AR Books).

They are not your traditional picture books but are augmented books that help your toddler or youngster learn with computer animated images, videos, and sound effects that bring enjoyment into reading.

The best part about this style of book for toddlers is that there is no need for any unique equipment as all you need is a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. Augmented reading is also known to offer kids with autism and learning disabilities a new way to learn and engage them socially..

So, what are some of the key benefits of using augmented reality books for toddlers?

First, it helps build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Second, It educates kids to recognize letters or numbers.

And third, It promotes imagination, creative thinking and improves memory recall.

Angel’s Awesome Alphabet Book presents an effortless and engaging way for toddlers to learn the alphabet and basic phonetic skills..

Plus, it comes alive with sound and voices when you use our augmented reality app.

For moms and dads, the book also provides a space for practicing writing the alphabet with your young child.

Best of all, it keeps toddlers captivated by turning learning into entertainment.

Help your kid discover and learn how to read and write the abcs with help from Angel’s Awesome augmented reality books for toddlers!

FAQ about Augmented Reality Books for Toddlers

What is the AR App about?

The education process should be all about creativity & interaction. The ar app allows little ones to have interaction with their preferred characters from the book by touching on each letter in turn. This interactive experience helps create fine motor skills in addition to language development.

What are the benefits of Augmented Reality Books?

Our AR book will offer toddlers with the excitement that they need while learning. The ar app allows mothers and fathers or caregivers to choose from different characters on each page in the children’s book. The character will then interact with the reader with voice and sound as they turn the page. This interactive experience helps children develop language skills while learning about the alphabet. Youngsters also get an option to practice reading through the use of this enjoyable game-like feature.

Angel’s Awesome Book has been designed especially for young readers ages 2 – 5 years old and kids with learning disabilities.

interactive books for toddlers

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